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CEI 2014 Logo


YE, Ya-Ting 葉雅庭 (Eges 娥葛絲) is a young artist from the Paiwan tribe. Inspired by the indigenous culture, Eges integrates cultural elements into her artwork of jewelry and graphic design.


This logo illustrates the inseparable connection between crop and life (Nature and Culture)

  • Millet is the most important crop for indigenous tribes in Taiwan. It is the staple food and be used for different purposes in daily life. For the Paiwan tribe, the millet stalk could be used to communicate with ancient spirits.
  • Instead of cutting the stalk, people harvest millets by holding the stalk and pulling the tassel. Seeds (Paiwan people called it Vusan) are collected for sowing (Future).
  • The blue background expresses the image of Yilan, a place of plentiful water resources.
  • The outline is the shape of a womb. Use your imagination, you may find that the logo looks like the earth!


CEI 2014 Conference Video (New!)

CEI 2014 Film


CEI 2014 Promotional Video

CEI 2014 Promotional Video on YouTube! 

Presented by Earth Charter Taiwan Youth Group in the CEI 2013 Conference in Scotland 

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